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About Me

Hi there! Thank you for your interest on my blog but chances are that I'm not the Thiago Alves you're looking for :P.

If you're an UFC fan, then most likely you're looking for Thiago Alves de Araujo, if you're a tennis fan, than you're looking for Thiago Hernandez Alves, but if you're a Volleyball fan, probably you want Thiago Soares Alves.

My full name is Thiago dos Santos Alves and just like all these other Thiago Alves I'm from Brazil. There is an urban legend in Brazil that says the govern will give you some tax exemptions if you name your kid Thiago (at least this is the only explanation I can come up with for the amount of Thiagos from Brazil).

Anyway, I'm a Software Developer Engineer with way too many hobbies and a wonderful family. I enjoy watching anything Sci-Fi related on TV or Movie Theater, I indulge myself pretending I'm somehow a musician when I play my guitar and I'm absolutely crazy about books (in any format: physical, electronic or audio), so crazy that I have a podcast about the subject! Unfortunately my podcast is in Portuguese so you won't be able to listen me babbling about my favorite books (at least if you don't understand Portuguese). Lately (ok, since 2013), I'm digging into miniature painting. I'm slowly building up an army of Warhammer 40K so I can, one day, play with all the minis I'm painting (which I confess are not many).